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Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: What are your rental rates and how long can we keep the equipment?   

A: All rates are posted on the web site and are based on 4 hour and all day (8 hour) rentals. If you need the equipment for more time than specified we will accommodate accordingly.


Q: Do I have to sign a contract and do you require a deposit to make reservations?

A: A standard contract stating the terms and conditions of the rental is required.  We require a minimum 50% deposit on all equipment at the time you make your reservation and the remainder is due prior to set-up. DESPOSITS ARE ONLY REFUNDED DUE TO WEATHER


Q: How far in advance should I book to ensure that I get the piece that I want? 

A: There is no time frame for booking but the further in advance will increase your chance of getting the dates you want.  We appreciate as much advance notice as possible but we will also work with last minute requests as well.


Q: What is your policy on bad weather and what if I want to cancel my reservation? 

A: We require a 24 hour notice to cancel the reservation for weather, in which your deposit if fully refunded.  If the chance of inclement weather is greater than 75% we will cancel your reservation and refund your deposit. If there is a 50%-75% chance of rain or greater we will contact you the day before the event to discuss rescheduling. No Holidays for rescheduled events and deposits will be forfeited if the event does not take place for any reason. Please note that if equipment is set-up and it rains the full amount is due. WE CANNOT SET UP IN WINDS GREATER THAN 20 MPH


Q:What kind of surfaces can the inflatables be set up on? Can they be set up inside? 

A:The equipment can be setup on grass, asphalt, or any flat surface that does not contain rocks or other debris that could puncture the inflatable.  WE CANNOT GO UP OR DOWN STAIRS TO ACCESS THE SET UP AREA. The inflatables can be set up inside as long as there is adequate space.  The measurements of each piece of equipment is posted on the website.


Q: Are the inflatable units safe and do you have insurance? 

A: All of our moonwalks and other inflatable units are of the highest quality, but require the supervision of an adult at all times to ensure the safety of the children. Yes, Charleston Fun Factory is fully insured for general liability coverage. We are only responsible for our own negligence; not yours. This statement in no way implies legal responsibility. In reserving your Bounce house you will be required to sign a rental agreement and "Release and Assumption of Risk" form that lists specific terms and conditions of the rental.


Q: Are the inflatable units clean? Do we have to clean the equipment before pick up? 

A: Our equipment is cleaned with a disinfecting agent and maintained to the highest industry standards.  We do not require the unit to be cleaned before pick-up however, since you will receive a list of general rules in the contract, any food, drink stains or not following any other listed rule of this nature will result in a minimum $35.00 clean-up fee at the time of pickup. The inflatable will be inspected before its packed up at your location.


Q: How long does the average set up take? 

A:  Set up can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the inflatable and conditions.  We will communicate with you prior to the event to confirm times. An area that has been cleared of any debris or pet droppings will keep the setup process quick and efficient.


Q: How much power is needed and do we need to have extension cords/water hoses?

A: Ideally, the blower should be located within 50 feet but not more than 100 feet of a standard electrical outlet.  A dedicated 110 volt household outlet is required for the blower.

Q: What if we don’t have power for the equipment? 

If there is no power at the location, we have generators that can be rented for flat rate of $75.


Q: Is the mechanical bull safe for all ages? 

Yes!  This bull can be set to different speeds to accommodate little kids or adults!  It is our operator's job to provide every bull rider with a great memorable experience, not to throw everyone off.  You will have a great time with “Bucky” the Bull!


Q: How much power is needed to run the mechanical bull? 

A: The mechanical bull requires a dedicated 110 volt household outlet and a dedicated 20amp circuit outlet. We can provide a generator for the bull if necessary at an additional cost of $75.



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